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TV shows that I like the most

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I have several criteria for liking Japanese and Korean TV shows (scenery, writing a.k.a. character development, music, plot line etc.)


I'm not into Iron Chef or the various Hentai TV shows (well maybe Hentai) and lately I just Love the series Personal Taste.


The series:

  • Pasta is a  TV show about an Italian restaurant, food, and cooking and cooks and stuff. 20 episodes went by in the blink of an eye. (Okay, it was a twenty hour marathon sitting on my office chair being so captivated by the shows that I started watching and didn't fall asleep until I had watched it all.)
  • Its Ok, Daddy's Girl is one of the many Korean damas I've been following on Hulu. 
  • Personal Taste is a TV show that I fell in love with from the opening sequence. Its funny, smart-ish and the characters are a delight. The performers are all excellent character actors and become the part (well ... except for the out-takes and bits where the editing was called in to help and camouflage the fact that they are having fun on the set sometimes. ;-) The cast and some more about the show can be found here.


Okay ... Its over. That was 16 episodes with the last half of the last episode tying everything together. This was a classical comedy, with a few tears thrown in too. (What comedy doesn't involve misunderstanding and human frailty? What drama doesn't either?) It was very satisfying. It was also very long. In 16 hours you can do a lot more plot and character development that you can do in the usual 1½ hour "Hollywood Blockbuster." This was well worth watching. 


Here's the blurb from Hulu:

"An adaptation of a Korean-American novel, 'Personal Taste' is a play on Kae In's name which literally means "personal" in Korean. The heroine, Kae In, is a troublemaker who is clumsy and awkward. She naively trusts people too easily, thus constantly suffers heartaches, but never loses her cool spirit. Sick of relationships, she hopes to befriend a gay man. As luck would have it, Kae In meets Jeon Jin Ho. Through their time together, Kae In's frustration of being single disappears and as she rediscovers herself and grows into a sophisticated, mature woman. "

  • My Lovely Sam Soon is a Korean melodrama. Its was ok but it wasn't as good as Pasta when it comes to the exposure of work and working techniques.





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